Wednesday, February 02, 2011

College of Sci Fi Knowledge Radiation Theater Quizbook

The Thunder Child is proud to announce our first book for the Kindle: The COllege of Sci Fi Knowledge, Eye Sci Fi edition (that means movies), with an emphasis on what I like to call "Radition Theater" - science fiction movies from 1950-1962 that featured giant bugs, giant women, shrinking men, and our first explorations of the universe.

The Quiz Book is profusely illustrated with stills and posters and features over 200 questions on a variety of topics

In the Beginning - identify movie from its opening lines
The Secrets of the Krell - trivia
They All Have Families - production people
A Star is Born - actors
That Was Probably Very Clever - quotes
The End? - identify a movie by its last lines.

And many more!

This Quiz Book is on Kindle - but don't despair if you don't have a Kindle. You can download - for free - an emulator for the PC (and read the book on a much larger screen which is very nice!) and on various smart phones.

And the price of this amazingly colossal book is only $1.99.

So - here's the thing to do. Make one night a week a Radiation Theater night, and watch one of these great filims - most of them are available viw Netflix, Amazon or even YouTube. In order to decide who gets to watch what - who has to make the popcorn, who has to clean up, have a contest with this quiz book, choose ten questions at randoms and whoever gets the least questions right - has to do the winner's bidding.

Below is the URL.

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