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18-20 FEb, 2011: Mega Doctor Who Convention

From the Gallifrey 2011 website
Welcome to the website for the 2011 Gallifrey One convention, Gallifrey One's Catch 22: Islands of Mystery.

Gallifrey One is North America's largest fan-run Doctor Who event, and the longest-running annual Doctor Who convention in the world. We have tons of confirmed guests announced, great programming events, panels and other fun things to take part in at our next convention!

If you've never been with us, check out the About Gallifrey One page and our Photo Gallery from past conventions. Also, feel free join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! We also feature Online Registration for the event, and you can find out about everything from the program to our dealers room and art show, the masquerade, our autograph & photo sessions and much more here at the website. Feel free to drop us a line via email if you have questions, too!

Gallifrey 2011 Theme Days
February 8, 2011 • Categories: Program
Each of the three days of this year's Gallifrey 2011 convention will feature special themes, and we encourage everyone to be part of the fun by participating in these events:

Friday is Tropical Adventure Day! Wear your Hawaiian shirts, your board shorts, grass skirts - anything to take part in the island celebration. (Anyone visiting the convention on Friday with something tropical will receive a complementary lei to wear, too!) We encourage you to get creative, too!

Saturday is Doctor Who Costume Day. Get out your Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane costumes and wear them proudly. Scarves, brainy specs, trainers, fezzes (that's right... after all, fezzes are cool), bow ties (ditto), stalks of celery -- it's all to get into the spirit of things, and we want your Doctor Who costumes shown off all day long.

And finally, Sunday is very special... Sunday, February 20 is in fact an annual holiday in the far distant Islands of Mystery. They call it Island Awareness Day in that far off land. To show your Island Awareness, wear something special related to one of the 22 Islands of Mystery... a costume, a hat, a shirt, anything that relates to the Islands of Mystery. Need a list of the Islands? Check out the Islands page on our website.

We hope you will join us by participating in our theme days!

Here are the guests - subject to travel, weather, health, etc.
Peter Davison
Janet Fielding
Sarah SUtton
Tracie Simpson
Matthew Waterhouse
John Leeson
Frazier Hines
John Levene
Gareth Thomas
Cush Jumbo
Paul Lasey
Meill Gorton and ROb Mayor
Ian McNeice
Gareth Roberts
Philip Olivier
Sarah DOuglas
Jane Espenson
Doris Egan
Phil Ford
Joss Agnew
James Moran
Daniel Logan
Daphne Ashbrook
Virgnia Hey
Rick Sternbach
Gareth Skelding
Gary Russell
Clayton Hickman
Barbara Hambly
Tony Lee
Len Wein and Marv Wolfman
Mathew Dow Smith and Blair Shepp
RIchard Starkings
David Gerrold
Denton Tipton
C. Andrew Nelson
Javier Grillo-Markuach
Jose Molina
Wendy Pini
Nancy HOlder
David J. Howe
Lars Pearson and Christa Dickson
Richard Dinnick
David Wise
Lynn Marie Thomas
Robert Smith
Graeme Burk
Darin Henry
Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg
Courtland Lews
Kevin Grazier
Trina Ray
Steve Bartlett
Robert Gounley
Jim Busby
Sarah Milkovich
Bill Ernohaezy
Sam STone
Paul J. Salamoff
Audry Taylor
Aime Major Steinberger
Arne Starr
Craig Miller
Daryll Frazetti
Eric Hoffman

Tanuki Suit Riot

Dr. Who Podshock
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