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What happened on June 29 in SF & Fantasy history

What happened on June 29 in SF & Fantasy history: Actors and actresses who have guest-starred or starred in at least 3 science fiction or fantasy movies or TV episodes.

Soon-Tek Oh was born on June 29, 1943 in Japan, but raised in Korea. Made his TV debut in the American TV series, I Spy, in the episode "Kabuki." Mostly Westerns (Kung Fu) and crime dramas, but a few science fiction:
The Invaders - Houseboy in episode The Experiment (1967)
The Man with the Golden Gun (James Bond movie) Lt. Hip (1974)
Logan's Run - Dexter Kim in the episode The Crypt (1977)
The Greatest American Hero - Ernie Shikinami in Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo (1983)
Time Trax - character unknwon, in episode Return of the Yakuza (1994)
Babylon 5 - The Muta-Do in episode TKO (1994)
Stargate SG-1 - Moughal in episode Emancipation (1997)

Ray Harryhausen was born on June 29, 1920. Happy 88th, Ray!!!

Bernard Herrmann was born on June 29, 1911. A conductor and composer, he is most famous as the soundtrack writer for many of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous films. But he also did several SF films such as The Day The Earth Stood Still, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Journey To the Center of the Earth, and Jason and the Argonauts. For radio - he did the theme music for Suspense and Orson Welles Mercury Theater. For TV, several Twilight Zones.

John Abineri died in Bath, Somerset, England on June 29, 2000. He was born on May 18, 1928.

Red Dwarf: Rimmer's dad - episode Better Than Life (1988)
Blakes Seven: Ushton - episode Hostage (1979)
Doctor Who: Ranquin - episodes The Power of Kroll (1979)

Fred Saberhagen died on June 29, 2007. He was the author of many science fiction novels.

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