Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Mysterious Turn

When I was a kid, and had a lot more time than I do now, I was interested in both mysteries and science fiction, and purchased a few of the short story digests on a regular basis EQMM, AHMM, IASFFM (Ellery Qeen Mystery Magazie, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Isaac Asimov's Magazine of Science Fictin and Fantasy), as well as Analog, Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, etc. etc.

These days I don't have near enough time to do anything, so I don't read any of the digests... except when something serendipitous happens...

In this event, someone bought me a subcription to EQMM as a surprise birthday present (had I but known, I would have asked for Isaac Asimov) and as long as I'm getting it for free, I'll make some time to read it. (It cost $4.99 an issue! That's as much as a paperback used to cost. Now books are $7.99 and about to go up to $9.99!)

There was an interesting section on mystery blogs, (Blog Bytes by Bill Crider) and I thought I'd share those links here.

Blogs by police officers:
Bish's Beat:
The Graveyard Shift: blogger is the author of Police Procedure and Investigation, a guide to writers

And by writers:
Susan Wittig Albert: Lifescapes:
Clea Simon's Cats & Crimes & Rock and Roll:

And finally, a website dedicated to Ellery Queen:

I'll start posting similar suggestions towards science fiction related sites in future entries of this blog.

On a personal note... one more hour, and a half, and I'll be seeing Wall-E! Hope it's good...

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