Monday, May 26, 2008

What happened at Piedmont?

I actually missed the first hour and a half of The Andromeda Strain miniseries on TV today... too caught up in the final episode of the Law & Order Marathon on TNT.

The Andromeda Strain is one of my favorite books, indeed when I was a kid and first read this book I wanted to create a Project Wildfire myself!

The movie made in 1971 was as close to the movie as you'd expect, but from the plot synopsis that I just read on Wikipedia, this miniseries is a bunch of garbage!

I won't give away the new plot - just be aware that it's verrrrry loosely based on the novel, and you can check it out at Wikipedia, or watch the thing yourself.

The one fun thing about it is the clever marketing, a fictional blog called What Happened at Piedmont?

I've toyed with fictional blogs myself - for my TechnoOcean Academy books that I've yet to actually I thought I'd share this.

I don't mind them making a miniseries with the plot that they've got in The Andromeda Strain ---- but don't call it the Andromeda Strain, cuz this ain't it!!!!!!!

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