Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jon Pertwee Speaks!

On the anniversary of Jon Pertwee's death on May 20, 1996, today and for the next seven days you'll be able to hear Jon Pertwee speak about his acting career, at BBC Radio 7.

It's called An Hour With Jon Pertwee.

Time Lord. Scarecrow. Naval officer. Is there nothing Jon Pertwee couldn't do? Jon himself enthralls us with tales of his life

The show is an hour long - he talks about Doctor Who for the last 15 minutes - but the whole thing was fun.

A bit serendipitous, as I just saw today for the first time the 10th Doctor episode, School Reunion, in which the 10th Doctor meets Sarah Jane Smith. Who fans will know that Sarah Jane started out with the Third Doctor, Pertwee, and ended with Tom Baker.

Elisabeth Sladen has an unoffcial webiste:

There's sparks between Rose (the current companion) and Sarah Jane, and Sarah Jane has a zinger for the Doctor (can't remember the exact quote but something like, "I can tell you're getting older. You're assistants are getting younger.")

And Anthony Head does a masterful job as the villain... definitely alien acting, and his delivery of the line "Forget the shooty dog thing," is fantastic. Now, if I'd actually purchased a TV a few days ago with a built in DVD-recorder, I would have taped it and watched it again. Unfortunately, I'd misread the box and all I've got is a tv with a player that plays DVD-Rs as well as DVDs... very annoying.

I didn't know that Anthony Head was the brother of Murray Head (Chess), although now that I do know I can see the resemblance. I'd liked him in his coffee commercials that made him famous decades ago... but never watched him in anything. I knokw he was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I don't like horror shows (except Darren McGavin's one and only Night Stalker!) so I never watched it... but perhaps I might revisit it.... ; )

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