Saturday, April 05, 2008

Video fan fiction: The Avengers: Let's Get Avengerous

I've been putting together some video fan fiction of the Avengers: John Steed and Emma Peel, as well as Steed's previous partner, Cathy Gale. And John Drake (aka the Secret Agent, aka The Prisoner) makes an appearance, and eventually, so will other 60s secret agents....and villains...

I've got this player at various locations (the videos themselves are at YouTube) but decided I'd embed it here as well.

Please note that the episodes show up in reverse order. So, instead of doubleclicking on the arrow to start the video you see in the screen, go down to the bottom where you see the box of buttony-type things, and click on that, and that will bring up all the episodes. They run from right to left - in other words chapter one is on the far right, then chapter two, and so on.

If it's easier, just go to:, subscribe, and create a playlist so you can have them run in the right order without all this fuss.

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