Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thoughts on Paul Potts (2007)

I don't watch talent shows - not amateur ones, not professional ones like American Idol, or in England, something called England's Got Talent.

Simon Cowell is famous for being vicious towards the amateurs who come on the show, who aren't any good. I don't like that. So of course he gets his comeuppance in 2007 (which didn't raise his consciousness at all) when an overweight, snaggle-toothed phone salesman came onto the show to sing opera.

A year later, Potts is still overweight, but he's got his teeth fixed, and he's touring the world singing opera. A great success story.

But what about the other Paul and Paula Potts out there? The nice people who don't look like much, and just want to live nice lives... but are looked down upon because of their appearance - none of which they can help for the most part. (Yes, getting teeth fixed and losing weight is possible, but your facial features are the result of your parents and there's nothing you can do about it that isn't risky..)

Anyway...what of all the millions of people in the world who dont have great voices in their homely bodies - are they worth less than those people who do? Shouldn't everyone be treated kindly, as if it's not a great voice, perhaps they can write well, or do math, or just be kind to others, etc.

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