Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Statement on the Human Condition, using Bettas

This is a video about bettas. I couldn't decide which direction to take it in, so I did it on two subjects, and hopefully that won't scotch my viewership.

1) How to create a patriotic betta aquarium, for use at July 4 parties, or during political meetings.

2) How to use a betta bowl to comment on the human condition. Bettas are very territorial and will fight to the death (in small aquariums where the loser has nowhere to flee) because they're animals with teeny tiny brains. Humans exhibit the same behavior, and yet we have brains, the ability to think and see the consequences of our actions, emotions such as empathy and compassion...and yet it doesn't seem to do many of us any good (because we also have emotions of hate and antipathy)....

Also a visual joke on the recent Edwards/Clinton/Obama debate where Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were going at it, while colorless John Edwards was pretty much forgotten....

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