Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome to 1984

Never heard of The Republican-American, but here's the link to the article:

Woman arrested for potty mouth

A woman's toilet was stopped up - inside her own home, so she was swearing at it - inside her own home.

Her next door neighbor, a retired police officer, didn't appreciate her language and "asked her to keep it down." When she didn't, he called the police, who cited her for disorderly conduct.

Now of course there are a few unanswered questions in this report. Did she continue to swear up until the time when the real police got there? Or did she stop swearing as soon as her toilet was unstuck? What time of day or night was it?

Frankly, this is a very scary report if she only let fly with "a few choice words" and then stopped.

What people do in their own homes should be their own business. Whether it's smoking, drinking (as long as they don't come outside afterwards and try to drive) having consensual sex with an adult - if its within someone's own home, it's nobody else's business!

Of course there's always caveats. If someone is drinking and partying in their own home at midnight, with all their neighbors unable to sleep because of the noise, then sure, it would qualify as rudeness, and disorderly conduct.

But swearing a couple of times at a backed up toilet?

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