Friday, July 07, 2006

7/7 Friday Books Books Books

Spent the day requesting review copies of various books, including Steven Barnes Zulu Heart and the new James Bama: American Realist. My reviewers are going to be in 7th heaven.

The July issue is unavoidably a little sparse - the main article is an interview with Jean-Noel Bassior. The August issue will be quite chock full with various interviews, etc.

Joe Moe (Forry Ackerman's assistant) and Forry Ackerman have agreed to do interviews, as had Steven Barnes.

Jean-Noel Bassior will be sharing exclusive photos of Space Patrol in the August issue, also.

On Listen Again, BBC 7:
Ghost Zone
A new sci-fi thriller by Marty Ross. Something lies buried beneath the village. Episode 4 of 5. [Rptd Fri 12.00am] (This is a daily serial so check out previos days to hear it all.),
Thursday 7-20
Lights Out (horror)
Revolt of the Worms
Original Air Date - 10/13/42
Hall of Fantasy (fantasy)
Night the Fog Came In
Original Air Date - 3/23/52

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