Thursday, July 06, 2006

7/5 Back after a month

I haven't had time for all of June to write here - I left for Germany on June 3 and it took a while to recover from jetlag...then I went travelling with relativies here...

But now I'm back and will keep this up to date.

I'm feeling kind of annoyed right now, though. I delayed 5 days in announcing the July issue of The Thunder Child to allow everyone to recover from their New Years weekend...and now that I've just announced the issue at various places...I'm having problems with my provider. Sometimes the URL comes up...sometimes it doesn't...and I can't access the files at all which is extremely annoying.

Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow or I'll have to do some emailing. Not to mention how many potential readers I'm losing because they try to reach the site and can't!

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