Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 19/Thursday - sci fo

April 19 on BBC7

The Adventures of Tintin
Destination Moon: Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock are invited on a trip to the moon by Captain Calculus. Episode 4 of 6.
(The previous 3 episodes of Tintin were not sci fi.)

The Horse and His Boy
On their long journey to Narnia, the runaway orphan and princess arrive with their talking horses at the city of Tashbaan. Episode 2 of 4.

Mortal Engines
The pirates of Tunbridge Wheels turn against Tom and Hester, and a voice from the past comes back to haunt them. By Philip Reeve. Episode 8 of 14.

To his horror, Robin is going through a phase of being nice. But 'wife' Lesley is now an artist and doesn't want to know him. Episode 1 of 5.

Sands of Kyros: The starship Challenger has returned to the solar system to find the Earth gone and their lives in peril from a once benign force. Episode 3 of 10.

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