Friday, February 10, 2006

Feb 10. Sci Fi Radio Drama, BBC 7

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What's on the week of Monday 4 Feb to Thursday 9 Feb, 2006. (Descriptions are copied from the BBC site, and remain any copyright they may have. They're provided here for information only. As each day passes the first day of the week drops off, and a day is added to the end.

Saturday, 4 Feb 2006
A Dream of Armageddon:
War is declared and the hero of HG Wells' anti-war story escapes with his wife in an attempt to shield her from the horrors. Episode 2 of 2.

Jefferson 37:
Dr Abbots tries to prove that clones have no emotions. Meanwhile, Jefferson and Lucy discover what really happened to Carter 5. Episode 3 of 4.

Sunday, 5 Feb 2006
The Twilight Zone:
The Bard: Julius Moomer summons a rather surprising ghost writer to boost his career, Shakespeare himself.

James Follett's tale of Pentworth, a village cut off from the world after a UFO crash, and the power struggle ensuing. Episode 3 of 8.

Monday, 6 Feb 2006
Mind's Eye:
Virtuoso: A woman's claim that her hands are possessed is met with scepticism, until psychotherapists Lorcan and Aoife see for themselves. Episode 1 of 5.

The Mark Steel Lecture:
Isaac Newton:
Mark marvels at the life and times of the Cambridge scholar who was probably the most brilliant and influential scientist ever. Episode 3 of 6.

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2006
Mind's Eye:
Faith: Jake's claim that an angel saved his life is met with suspicion, but Lorcan finds proof that he may be telling the truth. Episode 2 of 5.

Wednesday, 7 Feb 2006
Robin Lightfoot is starting to accept his new life in a parallel universe - but then he discovers 'his' past misdemeanours. Episode 3 of 6.

Mind's Eye:
A boy swears he is under attack by a poltergeist but his father is determined to prove that it's just his son's own wilfulness. Episode 3 of 5.

Seymour the Fractal Cat:
Phase Space: Jeremy and Natalie are doing their bit to save humanity from being taken over by computers and cats. Episode 4 of 5.

Thursday, 8 Feb 2006
Mind's Eye:
Prophet: Released murderer Paul maintains he has the gift of foreseeing imminent crimes; but police believe him to be the perpetrator. Episode 4 of 5.

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