Thursday, February 19, 2015

One drabble for one dollar

I've decided to launch my first Kickstarter campaign - "one drabble for one dollar."

Since I only need $25 before the project is fully funded, people who want their drabbles are going to get them!

A drabble is a fan-fiction story that is EXACTLY 100 words in length, not including the title.

For fans of science fiction, or any TV show or movie, a drabble is a fun way to expand on a scene, or evoke an emotion.

I specialize in drabbles for The Avengers, Star Trek: TOS and The Octonauts, but I can and will write a drabble for anyone. However, I've also got some other features I offer.

For example, I offer Scrabble drabbles. For anyone who is attempting to enlarge their knowledge of words (it's hard to say, enlarge your "vocabulary" when, IMHO, about a fifth of the Scrabble dictionary features words that no one will ever, ever use - sort of like all the words that little kids are expected to learn for a spelling bee!)

Nevertheless, my unique idea is to put all these words into drabbles as told by a central character (public domain character Sherlock Holmes, to be precise) and tell a connected story over the course of a year, sending two drabbles a day to my subscribers.

Please check it all out at my kickstarter campaign.

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