Friday, October 01, 2010

We have arrived

in Burleson, Texas.

I enjoyed the drive,for the most part. Had to deal with a traffic jam on the highway through Nashville a couple of days ago, and today in trying to skirt Dallas, got involved in a traffic jam too.

Normally these don't bother me, but the traffic jam through Dallas had be worried. The Nashville one didn't bother me, because I was staying on the same highway all the way through. For the one in Dallas, I had to make a *left* hand exit onto another highway.

So we're inching along, and I'm in the left hand lane, and I see up in front of me a "Must exit" sign for some other highway. So I have to get into the middle lane. Fortunately someone in the right lane let me in, for which I will be grateful because I'd gotten the impression that Texan drivers were just as rude as Tennesseean drivers were. (I'll rant about that at a different time.)

Anyway, I was on 30W which normally is a 5 lane highway in both directions but had the left lane cordoned off - with permanent looking cement blocks - and then it finally opened up on the right so I suddenly found myself three lanes over from the left hand lane and the exit I needed to get to.

Fortunately, just as the highway lanes opened up into 5 again, so did the traffic, so I was able to zoom across lanes with no problem.

But it had been a tense time.

Now I've got three days of blog work to catch up on, since I had bad luck with internet connections in two successive Best Westerns.

So, that's the update for today.

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