Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diva Dance from The Fifth Element

No, it's not Loulie Jean Norman doing the singing, but rather an Albanian colaratura, Inva Mula.

(I prefer these wordless vocals to actual opera singing.)

And here's a young woman who can do it too, thought she doesn't quite hit all the notes. (She starts singing at .54).

Wordless vocalists were quite popular on space music of the 1970s. Read an article about it here:

A favorite effect among space age pop arrangers is the wordless vocal. While the instrumentals plunge ahead on the melody, an other-worldly voice comes echoing from the distance, like the haunting sound of a siren. It was the next best thing to a theremin! Among the better-known wordless vocalizers of the period are:

Leda Annest
Bas Sheva
Beverly Ford
Mary Mayo
Loulie Jean Norman
Marni Nixon
Lois Hunt
Lois Winter
Jackie Allen
Patricia Clark
Edda dell'Orso
Colleen Lovett
Jane Doe

Here's Leda Annest:

Bas Sheva:

Mary Mayo (singing an actual song):

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