Sunday, July 26, 2009

Go see the G-Force movie

I had intended to see Up today.... (I'm behind in my movie viewing in the last month or so), but for various and sundry reasons ended up seeing G-Force instead. And I enjoyed it. I hadn't expected much of it, but really, it was quite entertaining.

The premise is that a secret department of the FBI has been testing animals to see if they can communicate, as well as spy for the United States. The FBI has been attempting for two years to find out what a certain billionaire named Saber is up to.

The head of the secret department, Ben, sends in the G-Force in an unauthorized mission to see what they can find out. The G-Force consists of two male guinea pigs, a female, a fly, and a mole. The G-Force succeeds in downloading information from Saber's computer, but when the "real" FBI comes to the department, the information is not of the right program. The FBI shuts down the program....and the G-Force is to be destroyed.

While Saber's machinations continue, the G-Force struggles to prove they deserve to be part of the FBI. And they've only got 30 hours to do it.

Bill Nighy plays Saber. In one part of a speech he's giving, he flings his head back reminiscent of Davy Jones from Pirate of the Caribbean, but for the most part he gives a restrained performance (for some reason with an Australian accent).

The humans don't get much to do, but do well with what they do have. There's no over-acting here, everyone is taking their role seriously. Unfortunately, Kelli Garner as Marci, Ben's partner, has even less to do than any of the other humans...she seems to be just put in there as the token woman.

As for the guinea pigs, Darwin is played by Sam Rockwell, Juarez by Penelope Cruz, Tracy Morgan is Blaster, and I did not know this until I just looked at the credits, Nicolas Cage was the mole, Speckles!

It's a film for kids and adults. Adults will recognize a few homages to secret agent films. Blaster and Jaurez scuba dive into Saber's yard. Jaurez comes out shaking her fur reminiscent of Ursula Andress in Dr. No (and of course Austin Powers in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.) Fortuately Jaurez doesn't wear a white bikini.

A fun movie, and of course a life lesson - which I won't spoil by revealing it now. I just wonder if kids will want to buy guinea pigs now, and expect them to be able to talk!

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