Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Hulk

I used to watch the original TV series, The Incredible Hulk, starring Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby. I liked it, even though it was pretty much a rehash of The Fugitive, except the pursuer was the reporter, and Dr. David Bannister had the capability to turn into a hulking green man whenever he got angry.

It was "believable," or at least one was willing to suspend one's disbelief, because the Hulk was played by a real person.

Then we got the movie a few years ago, in which the Hulk was not played by a man, but by a CGI entity.

Now, CGI entities can be made to look real. The dinosaurs in the first Jurassic Park, for'd be prepared to believe they were real...

Yet the commercials for the Hulk showed his as just this cartoon character...nothing real looking about him.

And nothing seems to have changed for the new Hulk movie. And now they've added another CGI character, The Abomination, and he looks just as unsubstantial.

So I'm undecided if I'm going to see it...

But, when I went to see Wall-E a few days ago, the theater was handing out Hulk posters, and I thought I'd share photos of them here.

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