Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rush Limbaugh reaches a new low

I've just turned off Rush Limbaugh, because what he's just said has made me so angry that if I were anywhere near him I'd give him such a slap!

"The level of racism in the delegates or the super-delegates is going to determine who gets the nomination, Obama or Hilary."

That's his categorical statement - it's all going to come down to racism. Forget the fact that if Obama were not black, he wouldn't even be in the position he's in. THat's not racist on my part, by the way, that's just a fact. Name one presidential candidate in modern times who has ever gotten as far as Obama with NO experience. None.

So, the delegate's could very well decide their nomination simply on experience - Obama doesn't have any. Granted, Hilary Clinton doesn't have much more, but she did spend 8 years in the White House with Clinton.

But to state categorically that "racism" is what will cost Obama the nomination, that's just despicable.

Because, when it comes to the general election, if Obama is defeated by McCain, that just opens the door for people to say, well McCain only won because all of the country is racist.

Limbaugh does like to open cans of worms.

For myself, I gotta tell you that I'm not impressed by any candidate of any party. I think the time for a single president is over, frankly. There simply is too much going on for one man, or one woman, to keep track of it all and make good decisions about everything. We should have one president for domestic issues, and another for international issues. When those two conflict - for example opening the borders to Mexico allowing gazillions of unemployable people into the US to batten on our welfare system...then.... well, I dont' know who should make the ultimate decision about that. Okay - so I dont' have it all worked out yet!

But it sure isn't working the way we have it now. The Democrats hate the Republicans and vice versa, and nothing ever gets done because of it.

(That's another interesting little insight into Limbaugh. A few months ago he was ridiculing the Democrats who had taken over in the Senate - Pelosi et al, because they werent' getting anything done. They "can't" get anything done, Limbaugh was saying, because they're incompetent.

He's changed his tune now, though, because he's talking about Republican John McCain going into the White House. He'll be able to get things done, because he's on the Democrat side. He'll work with the Democrats. In other words, it wasnt the incompetence of the Democrats such as Pelosi that hasn't allowed them to accomplish anything, but rather the fact that Republicans block them at every turn.

If the Democrats get a majority in the House and Senate in the next election - well, then they'll be able to get things done.

And vice versa if it's the Republicans who get in (except McCain is pretty much a Democrat, anyway...)

Anyway, I certainly don't know how to solve the world's problems. The easiest solution would be for a bunch of highly educated atheists to build a space ship, take off, settle on Mars or somewhere and form a new government based on humanistic ideals, but if that ever happens it'll be too late to save the current generation of humanity...

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