Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peter Wyngarde duels Roger Moore

Well, I think I'm finally Peter-ed out.

Yesterday I decided to try to learn how to use the movie making software that came with my computer that I got a few years ago, and discovered it's pretty easy.

Pretty easy to do a movie - not so easy to make it look good, I hasten to add.

I uploaded Let Joy and Innocence Prevail, today I did Peter Wyngarde vs Roger Moore in an excellent sword fighting duel from The Saint, and set it to the music O Fortuna.

Unfortanately, the only way to control how long a photo stays before moving to another photo, is via a slide control. Worse than that, although you're supposed to be able to work in second increments, my last 30 or so photos are all stuck at 2 seconds. I can't get them to go shorter.

This is annoying because it's hard to time it to the music properly...

Nevertheless, for a second effort it's not too bad.

However, this will be my last effort for a while, as I've spent 7 hours on this! And I've got so many more important and urgent things to be doing...


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