Friday, November 30, 2007

Kill Jason King!

I've been assembling a collection of my favorite TV shows from the that they're gradually becoming available as used DVDs... (I'm too cheap to pay full price for them).

So today is Jason King day.

And I've go to say they're a bit of a disappointment. Mainly because I really can't stand "big hair" on a guy, let alone a Fu Manchu moustache, and that's what Peter Wyngarde has in this. In two Avengers episodes and a Saint, he was clean shaven and drop dead sexy, but in this...he just doesn't do it for me ... (Yes, he's gay, but a guy can still ooze sex appeal to a straight woman for all that.)

I don't think I ever saw Jason King, lo these many years ago... actually what I saw was a show called Department S, in which he's one of three secret agents. In Jason King, he's a writer, who keeps getting involved in international crimes and such, much like Roger Moore's Simon Templar.

But the scripts, the camera angles, I don't like them that much...

Some are amusing...but overall...

Peter Wyngarde in Two Gentleman of Verona - a two-tape abridged edition:

And for those of you who can play Non-USA-playable DVDs:

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